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Living in Our Authentic Truth: The Path to a Happier, More Pleasure-Filled Life

Living in Our Authentic Truth: The Path to a Happier, More Pleasure-Filled Life


“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” – C.G. Jung

Living authentically isn’t just a grand idea that sounds good; it’s a fundamental aspect of achieving a happier, more fulfilled life. Not only is living your authenticity key to a happier life, but it is absolutely possible with the right tools. This truth is at the heart of QUIVR’s mission, and as the Founder, Amber Joy, I’ve experienced first-hand within my own life and by coaching QUIVR members how embracing authenticity can transform lives. 

The Power of Authentic Living

Did you know that research backs up the idea that being true to yourself can actually make you happier and more fulfilled? It’s true! When we start living in a way that’s in sync with our authentic selves, our lives reflect what really matters to us. It’s about making choices that fit with who we are at our core, and it turns out, this kind of authenticity isn’t just good for the soul; it’s great for our overall well-being too. 

Before I started QUIVR, I had a long career as an executive in the financial sector. So many elements of my day-to-day functions were outside of who I truly felt I was inside, and for so many of us, living out loud one way certainly wasn’t reflective of who I was on the inside. The stress of maintaining a persona that wasn’t my authentic self quickly contributed to my negative sense of well-being, and I lacked authentic and fulfilling joy. I was not living my authentic life, and it didn’t take long to show itself in my health. One heart attack and cervical cancer scare later, I decided my life was worth living for ME.

My Journey to Authenticity

My path to living authentically was filled with challenges, including surviving sexual assault and toxic relationships. These experiences had long robbed me of not just seeking pleasure but even recognizing my worthiness of it. Through therapy and self-reflection, I reconciled with my past and grasped the importance of an informed, pleasurable life. It’s a journey many of us can relate to, often hindered by societal pressures or the shadows of our past. 

One area I can’t ignore that made the difference in my life was not only giving myself permission to learn and grow was my “tribe.” For those of you who follow my story, you know that I am BIG on telling people, “Find your tribe.” Find a group of people who accept you for your weirdness, shyness, outspoken nature, or “silently observing” self. Find the people who will love you enough to hold you up when you can’t stand on your own or those (especially those) who celebrate your victories. Those are the people you want to surround yourself with. If a relationship on any scale hinders your ability to evolve into your authenticity because it’s too much for them, don’t let it scare you into returning to your shell. Ultimately, we are all within the QUIVR community because we seek a higher level of pleasure and intimate interactions. Being afraid to express yourself as you feel comfortable will always hinder your maximum pleasure. Repeat that last sentence to yourself a few times if you need to. 

Therapy: A Tool for Uncovering Authenticity

Therapy played a pivotal role in my journey. It’s a powerful tool that helps individuals explore and reconcile with their past, understand their needs, and build a roadmap to a life that honors their true selves. It’s about facing our fears, embracing our desires, and learning to communicate effectively about our needs. When you’re tired of being tired therapy starts looking pretty good! Treat yourself to some relief!

My story is one of sexual trauma, I needed therapy before I could start defining what pleasure meant for me and how to establish boundaries I could live with while seeking pleasure. I want every one of you to know that seeking therapy doesn’t make you “weak” it doesn’t make you any less powerful or influential in the life you live. Therapy and the positive skills derived from it, in fact, is empowering and a mature response to learning how to do life when life feels complicated. 

If you need a therapy referral or have questions about how to choose a therapist, please feel free to reach out to QUIVR and we will help you. Nobody in the QUIVR community suffers alone.

The Benefits of QUIVR Membership

QUIVR members receive support and guidance to live authentically and explore their pleasure spectrum. Our members have experienced transformative changes in their lives and relationships, finding joy and fulfillment they never thought possible. Think of it as the safest place you could find to explore the realms of your sexuality you always wanted to discover, but lacked the support to pursue. QUIVR’s number one concern is your ability to find answers and “your tribe.”

Four Pillars to Authentic Living

  1. Self-Exploration: Understanding who you are at your core.
  2. Honest Communication: Expressing your needs and desires without fear.
  3. Boundaries: Knowing where you end and others begin.
  4. Courageous Action: Taking steps towards what truly brings you joy.

Our coaches will be exploring into these pillars in an upcoming series in the QUIVR community starting January 2024. You don’t want to miss out!

Join the Challenge

Why wait for the new year to start living a life filled with pleasure and authenticity? Join QUIVR now and start living in the pleasure you deserve today. It’s time to stop wondering “what if” and start living the life you’ve always fantasized about. I cannot stress this enough, “everyone deserves safe and consensual pleasure.”

Final Thoughts

Living authentically is a continuous journey. It requires introspection, courage, and sometimes, the support of a community like QUIVR. It’s about embracing your story, including the painful parts, and using it to fuel your journey toward a happier, more fulfilled life.

Remember, the most authentic version of you is the most powerful. Embrace it, celebrate it, and let QUIVR be your guide on this incredible journey.


All my love,

Amber Joy



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